Here we go again . . another year in Paradise!

It has been a lovely slow start to the year!

The Dressmaker Dianne, the neighbour Val and I wished the New Year in . .well at least the New Years from Paris to New York and all in bed by our midnight!

We lite and walked the labyrinth and ate some lovely delicacies! However we came to the conclusion we still don’t like caviar and neither does the cat!

No New Year’s resolutions, but I did make a wish list

Number 1

I wish that all children be respected and as global parents we all build a safe world for them.

Number 2

I wish for Mother Nature’s joy to take over for God’s wrath!

Number 3

I wish for the power of women to be embraced without the fear of equality.

Number 4

I wish for behaviour from the human race that is deserving of respect.

And I wish you all manage to build the year you want . . . and it is going to take work!

I have loved my little “PLOG” a good news photo blog and I always know I am doing good when the big boys post their stats.

A big thank you to all who read and contribute to

Onward and upward!

and see ya in the market place!

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1 Response to Here we go again . . another year in Paradise!

  1. arjaybe says:

    Good wishes. A nice change from the strutting and preening so common elsewhere.

    2019 for me: I will read a hundred novels and write one.


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