Breakfast with Santa at Oliver Parks and Rec

The poka dot dolly makes three for breakfast.Now that was tasty!However not as tasty as a ginger bread cookie with jelly beans and icing, lots of icing!Who’s hiding behind that door? Here comes Santa ClausSanta’s here and does he get lots of hugs from little people!Stylin’ in Christmas stripes . . so cute!For Christmas I need a fancy hat like Santa’s or my brother’s.Santa I am totally prepared, I have a list! Mommy!No I don’t want to look at the camera!!I’m out of here!Nope! Were not sitting on his lap!Two super heroes, Santa and Batman! Pretty red . . Christmas dresses!The new kid on the block . . .  does it get any cuter? Didn’t even wake up.

Lots of fun was had! The little ones made crafts, decorated gingerbread cookies and had a good breakfast.

Then off they went for more laps around the gym before they combed their hair got spiffed up and ready for their close up with Santa.

Santa stayed in Oliver for an hour . . .  a chaotic fun crazy hour.

Then off he went through the kitchen doors to his waiting sleigh and his Dear one,  wishing Merry Christmas to all!

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