International Men’s Day . . . Oliver Style!

International Men’s Day was way more than expected . . . friendships were made.  Friends chatted, played pool, watched a football and a hockey game.Even oliveronline’s very reclusive Science Fiction author Jim Bowering was there for the fun. So was our dressmaker Dianne. We had a door prize . . .  won by our very dashing Fire Chief Bob Graham. Really. . .  the Fire chief in a kilt . . and that is all I have to say about that . . .Paul won the Boobie prize, untitled #12 by Moi . .

Why did we throw THEM a party? I asked myself that question a few times after the reactions of some people to International Men’s Day.

We did this because we wanted to help heal the divide seen coming between men and women.

I organized the Woman’s march after 45 was sworn in. Why not a party for one of God’s finest creations. . .  we noticed he did not stop there . . just sayin’.

A great time was had by all, then this happened.

Michael my friend from sooooooo long ago and I had a chat regarding Men’s day. I suggested he take a lady out for tea, the ladies of Oliver are going to throw the Men a party. Seamed like a nice idea to me.

Well . .  Michael took my suggestion, put it on steroids and near the end of the evening he surprised me from Vancouver!

However I am looking, looking really hard and realized  he had brought the amazing Tania, my wonderful friend and neighbour with him. Apparently my mouth was stuck open for a long time while my brain sorted this out, not an attractive look!

The evening ended with the three of us having tea. I did not expect that.

We all deserve to be treated wonderfully by each other. I can’t do anything about yesterday but we can help influence our future.

I am very proud of the ladies of Oliver, specially Cori and Tara . .  the door was Tara’s idea!

Gentlemen see you next year November 19th. Mark it on your calendars.

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1 Response to International Men’s Day . . . Oliver Style!

  1. arjaybe says:

    Thanks for organizing that, Leza. I enjoyed myself. I just wish I hadn’t eaten before going.

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