The Plainsrunner by Jim Bowering


Jim writes about 750 words a day . . . after coffee.

“If I have a good line to start the day the rest of the day is great”.

He writes long hand with a Parker 51 fountain pen. ( I’ll see if I can get a shot of  the manuscript and maybe the pen).  Jim says he can write dialogue all day long, it is just like me taking dictation.

With the end of the serialization of The Plainsrunner on OliverOnline, it will soon be time to take down the chapter files from the Green Comet website. At that time it will no longer be possible to download them, so if you are missing any now is the time to get them.

Jim has decided to leave them in place until the end of November to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to get them all, but as of December 1st they will be gone forever. Thanks again for taking part in the OliverOnline Book Club, and if you know anyone who needs to complete their collection of chapters please let them know of this deadline.
I thank Jim and the readers for this great experiment!

pen-and-paper-1200.jpgPS My wish came true . . .

The Plainsrunner – Review Copies Available

Free review copies of The Plainsrunner are now available.  If you would like a copy of the finished novel, simply request one from the author.  You are not required to actually submit a review of the book, although Jim would really appreciate it.  Go to the Green Comet website for further details.

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1 Response to The Plainsrunner by Jim Bowering

  1. arjaybe says:

    What kind of filter did you have on that camera? I don’t look too bad.-)

    My baby, The Plainsrunner, has been released into the wild and I’m mostly over the separation anxiety. Now I’m busy recording it for the audiobook version. I plan to start using my Parker 51, and the other pens in the cup on my desk, to write down the next novel beginning in January. It will also feature Tallgrass and some of the others we met in The Plainsrunner.



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