Found It!

Globe trotter Mavis Grant and Wild Woman Sue James decided to search for an Okanagan landmark.

IMG_0025Photos and story by Sue James

I had heard about this rock for years.

We drove 12 km up McKinney Rd, checked all the trees for a sign. Finally  we spotted it on the right side of the road … a wooden sign on a tree, Balancing Rock .

There is a small parking area.  The trail is rustic but manageable. We did see tire marks.

We walked further than we had to, looked at the sign again and went more to the right of trail, climbed a slightly steep rocky hill and there it was.

IMG_0024It is impressive! It was deposited by a glacier but don’t know how old it really is.

Leza wonders is this is a question for Dick Canning.

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1 Response to Found It!

  1. arjaybe says:

    Check this site:

    “During the melting at the end of the Fraser Glaciation (~ 15,000 – 12,000 ya) what is now Okanagan Lake was filled with a core of ice, with an ice dam at McIntyre Bluffs.”

    So I guess that erratic was deposited about 12,000 years ago.


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