Grandmothers For Africa Fall Frenzy 2018

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Come for gelato, coffee or lunch 10 am to 2 pm, Friday, October 19th at Medici’s.   You will find yourself at the local Grandmothers for Africa Fall Frenzy.  These hard working women like to have fun.   They like to be part of the solution and not the problem .   The unique and handcrafted items that will be displayed and on sale represent many ‘woman hours’ both here and in Africa as part of their creation.  You will find intricate bead work, wirework animals, pashminas, jewellry, handbags, aprons, bowl buddies, new Little Traveller pins and much more. The money earned from their sale will all go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation for grassroots programs in the under resourced communities of Africa facing the brunt of an ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic.

When you and your friends come out to enjoy getting a head start on your Christmas list, you support women thousands of miles away who carry stories of healing.   The identity they form from being part of a network like Grandmothers for Africa has deep meaning for them.   They come into the organization with a loss of hope and dignity but they grow because they are welcomed with love, warmth and open arms and given a place to share their life experiences.   It isn’t just that the grassroots organization helps break the silence and isolation of grandmothers and kids immersed in their own grief.  It is that they come together to deepen their collective understanding and develop community approaches and stategies to address the panoply of crisis created by AIDS.   And like women everywhere, they soon find room for laughter, for hugs, for songs and dance, for connection and the energy to move forward.

So grab a friend and come on down to Medici’s.   Together we can make a difference.

If you want to join the local group, talk to any of the women in the distinctive bright yellow t-shirts with the Grandmother insignia at the event.  We’d love to have you with us!


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