A Sunny Start to the Day!

If it is Thursday it is “Plainsrunner” by Jim Bowering, day. Thank you all for enjoying his story.

Today is also the day after the all candidates meeting. I often wonder what would happen if we did not have politicians . . . I answer myself . . . basic anarchy! So vote and vote wisely.

Must admit global politics gives me gas these days! . . . unfortunately it does have my attention! And I do really like our local politicians and the candidates. We will be in good hands.

To our local folks that are brave enough to step up to the podium.

The ones willing to give up their privacy,

The person who knows half the people will not agree with you and really not know what the other half think!

The people that risk their reputations yet they are still willing to get up there and work for you and me.

I really respect you.

You are doing a job I will not do, haven’t filled the closet with enough skeletons. I will not always agree with you but I am an adult and will just have to learn to live with your decision! I do think we make good designs in Oliver. . . most of the time.

I have already “made up my mind” . .  that is a Doris Day song!



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