The Art of Oliver

aIMG_1585Over a hundred entries for the FASS. Five works collected as of last night.

Painted barrel took first prize in 3-D by Rachel Allenbrand and Robert Lacasse from the Painted Chair.

aIMG_1606A full house was enjoyed by all the Artists.aIMG_1610The patrons spent more than the usual 8 seconds to check out work by Diane Gane, “Don’t go with the Flow, Be the Flow” Winner of best interpretation of the theme “Go with the flow”!aIMG_1602Katherine MacNeill 2nd place in Mixed and Other Media, with Bev Alexander 1st prize in Acrylic. Congratulations Ladies and Bev are you over your separation anxiety that comes with the collection of a painting?aIMG_1644Budding Artist 3nd place  Miss Emma Millward with her teacher Marion Trimbal 1st place in Mixed and other media.aIMG_1617Emerging Artist 1st place Miss Emily Muller.aIMG_1635My favourite photogs, Val Friesen and Paul Eby tied for 3rd place! And our presenter watercolour artist Janice Goodman tied for 3rd place in Watercolours.aIMG_1642And the Best Interpretation of the Theme, for the 3rd time in a row is our Wildest of Women . . . Diane Gane! (Diane will tell you she tied last year with Katherine MacNiell)

When asked what’s next, Diane said “I need to learn more”.

Congratulations to all the Artist, just for doing the work. Oliver thanks your for such a professional show!

1. Bev Alexander
2. David Brewin
3. Tara Hovanes

Mixed/Other Media
1. Marion Trimble
2. Katherine MacNeill
3. Adrienne Herbert

1. Paul Skelhorne
2. Paul Skelhorne
3. Tie – Paul Eby and Val Friesen

1. Rachel Allenbrand and Robert Lacasse
2. Lindsey McVicar
3. Diane Gane

Fibre Arts
1. R. Leslie Forbes
2. Marianne Parsons
3. Margaret Matthews

Emerging Arts
1. Emily Muller
2. Sarah Stanley
3. Faryn Janzen

1. Rose Ripley
2. Michael Jordan
3. Kim Tighe

Budding Artists
1. Laura Harty
2. Emily Bidmead
3. Emma Millward

Water Colours
1. Isobel MacLarin
2. Linda Payne
3. Tie Janice Goodman and Isobel MacLaurin

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3 Responses to The Art of Oliver

  1. Patricia Landry says:

    There was some wonderful art displayed in this year’s art show. It was a priviledge to be part of if. Congrats to all the winners. You deserved the accolades. Patricia Landry


  2. Rose Zyn says:

    I had the pleasure of going there, and I absolutely loved it because it has so many people there. I really liked how they were serving wine to everyone who came to see the art festival.


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