Location, Location, Location! Hollywood take note!

The Wild Women invaded Oliver for the 9th Wild Women Workshop – Steampunk!


Jan styling in her Grandpa’s hat at Oliver’s Train Station, also known as the Info Centre.

Oliver you showed off your diversity of locations  this month.

IMG_0640“What is Steampunk?” I have been asked that a lot.

IMG_1270My definition of steampunk is a sub genre of science fiction, meets victorian transportation, plus art, plus taking items form the industrial age and repurposing them into the future.

IMG_1538The Pentiction Art Gallery first introduced me to Steampunk through the history of transportation in the Okanagan. I had 5 paintings in the show. How lucky!

IMG_0746My thoughts were to cancelled the WWW – Steampunk this year because I did not think I had anything to offer. It has been a challenging year!

However the gasp from my friend made me reconsider. I turned on the auto pilot, starting making props, sent out my visions to Diane Gane – Props and Dianne Gibson – Wardrobe, scouted locations and got permission for the sites . . .  well, most of them . . . . we didn’t get shot for trespassing and the rattlers kept their distance from “that” site!


. . . uhmmm . . not sure where this is . . . and we scared away any snakes!

Locations is where Oliver shined.


The Oliver Museum and Diane’s 1903 mimeograph machine were perfect in the shot.

Way back in 1968 I started visiting Oliver, the land has always seduced me. I loved the entrance from the north. As soon as you get to where the Goats hang out the trees and land change. The rocks to the east and west open up to this amazing valley. The way the light plays on the east benches gives me great pleasure. I am home here in Oliver!


Oliver’s Labyrinth, the grass looks magical.

The natural beauty aside, looking for locations, I found an old train station, a jail, the labyrinth and the desert, all were perfect for Steampunk fantasies.

IMG_0852The other question I get is . . Why?

Why do a group of Wild Women let me dress em up, paint em up and photograph them in all this makeup and costumes? Why do they agree to be living sculptures?

IMG_1323Because it is fun! Period!

IMG_1347And very empowering!

And really, why not!

IMG_0334 copy.jpgI must admit as soon as Tiffany sat down for her makeup, auto pilot switched off and I was back in the saddle! This year the Wild Woman Workshop gave me back to me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 8.29.22 PM                       I thank Diane Gane for sourcing the amazing props. The suitcases are from her family. So sorry about the dent in the 115 year old mimeograph machine.

And I love the birdcage . . . it is in my custody at the moment.

IMG_1233Dianne Gibson was brilliant this year! I had my heart set on wings and she came through! Not an easy task, but Cindy got her wings! Thank you!

IMG_1388Most of all I thank the Wild Women 2018. What an amazing job you all did.

IMG_1384The paintings are on display at Maker Place! On Station Street across from the Coast Hotel.

Do stop by and check out the paintings of these amazing Women.

Untitled-1Tiffany, Sheryl, Polly, Dawn, Maureen (Moe), Jan, Diane, Sue and Cindy.



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4 Responses to Location, Location, Location! Hollywood take note!

  1. Susanne James says:

    Forgot Sue under Banner with all photos


  2. shane melnuk says:

    Hi Leza,great that you reconsidered.Fanatastic work.Is a calendar of Wild Women 2018?


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