Dear Oliver

The Wild Women Workshop 2018 Steampunk was waiting for a train at the Oliver Train Station  . . . again.  And looking mighty fine I must say. Even though the train has yet to show up!

A little history of the Wild Women Workshop aka WWW.

WWW started out as an Art Show at the Burrowing Owl Winery called Wild Horses, Wild Women with the amazing Artist Shannon Ford!

Wild ladiesSally Franks, Prez of the Sagebrushes Art Club  asked for a how-to-paint Wild Women class. We had so much fun! The next fall they were so wild (not shown for good reasons) The Sagebrushers were the art show at the Vagina Monologues! I was so proud of them! Note the cowgirl, under the hat on the left.

WW---WWW2013Back in 2013, a photo shoot was added and the Wild Women painted from their photographs. I loved watching them work through the self portraits!

Over the years we have had some fun themes, WWW2015 we explored our inner screen goddesses. We have explored women of history and our Spirit Animals.Banner-ww

Yuppers! That same Wild Woman under that Cowgirl hat in 2012 is the next Wild Woman 2018, Steampunk Sheryl!IMG_0529Sheryl let me paint her face all dirty, Dianne from Maker Place dressed her and Moya was a great photog assistant. Moya knew how to fold a reflector! Googles by Diane Gane and that amazing umbrella was bought at the Umbrella Store in Vancouver in 1929. SheryleWow Sheryl! And these are the outtakes. Can you tell I have been playing with the saturation in this? Compare the reds. The first image of Sheryl is the original.

Steampunk hits Oliver!

Location is the Oliver Tourist Centre

Thank you Town Hall and Rhoda!


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