Wild Women Workshop 2018 Steampunk!

IMG_0377Oliver’s gorgeous old Train Station was the location of  Tiffany’s Steampunk Wild Woman Shoot.IMG_0385We are sharing only the out takes at this moment. The Final results will be revealed Sept 15.IMG_1578Last year the Wild Women Workshop revealed our Spirit Animal. Tiffany was an Owl.IMG_0387Goggles, earrings and hat by Tiffany, Make-up and photography by Leza, props Diane Gane.

The Wild Woman Workshop empowers Wild Women with a photo shoot in a moment of fantasy that will last their lives with photos and a painting.

Wild Women Workshop Steampunk is the 9th Wild Women event I have enjoyed.

Each year I think of a theme, the ladies let me dress them up, paint them up, then take their photos. Over a two day workshop we all get together and then comes the hard work. These Wild Women examine themselves as they paint their portraits from a selected photo. It is lots of fun!

Tiffany is just one of the many Wild Women who has let me turn them into walking sculptures to be photographed.

. . . . and then reality kicks in! The cutest little boy is on Tiffany’s lap looking at the computer, a bit confused but eventually knew that was Mommy!

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