The Library in 3D!

Heather Marnier and Seva Lynov, The Okanagan Regional Library’s Maker Crew brought its MakerBot 3D Printer to Oliver.

Fabulous technology! I have used a 3D pen for a few years. It uses the same material, basically a long meltable plastic string, as the MakerBot 3D printer.

Heather said the “plastic” like product is made from corn. That is why it smells like waffles, I learned something!

It was not till I actually saw the 3D printer in action that I understood the basic, simple logic behind it.

What is 3D asked Seva Lynov, in the red Maker shirt?

Mr. Emerrit, almost 9, has the perfect answer. “We are 3D because we are not flat, we are round!”

Heather Marnier, in the blue Maker shirt explains the Makerbot printer behind her and the rolls of material, plastic like string, used to make the 3D objects.The little minds first learned about “flat” printing to compare it with the 3d printing.At the same time the big people were checking out the rolls of coloured material. The MakerBot lays down a bench to build upon.Basically a glorified glue gun with computerized controls.This little spaceship about 6 inches high, took 2 hours to print.19 minutes, the final result was a perfect chain. I want one!

Great things happen at the Oliver Library! Proving the world is not flat and life is fabulous in 3D!

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