Ladies who Lunch

IMG_0196Once a month the SOSS Grads of ’64, ’65 and ’66 get together for lunch!

Left to right Princess Lexie, Wendy, who would not confess who her relatives were, Lynne, Artist Linda P, Linda S, Sandy and Linda D.

After great deliberation their fav teacher went from Mr. Irving to Mrs. Lougheed. How much fun are they having, laughing and giggling about old times and new adventures!

Some of the fabulous Women of Oliver!

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1 Response to Ladies who Lunch

  1. Wendy Snideman says:

    My Mum–Irene Boult came to Oliver with her parents Bill & Lil Tomlin and her brothers, Vic, Fred & Allan in 1921. She married Mickey Boult and had us 3 kids, Wayne, Wendy & Bill. We all grew up in Oliver with our Tomlin cousins. This is not a secret.

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