Good Morning Oliver!

Another fabulous weekend in Oliver, I even ventured a bit south to take in the opening of Wendy Wells-Bailey and Micheal Jorden at Jojo’s Cafe.

Wendy Wells-Bailey with Jim from Jojo’s and Michael Jorden


Wendy Wells-Bailey paints the stories to be told with a pallet to tantalize your eyes.  The soft brushstrokes of Michael Jordan compliment the edgey colours, shapes and strong  lines of Wendy. Their contrast are as pleasing to the eye as their similarities.

Open Mic at Jojo’s gave some very sexy sounds to entertain the audience.

Wendy Wells-Bailey with Diane Carter, the marketing behind the talent!

Take a venture down south, not to far south, check out the show at Jojo’s then pop down to the Okanagan Art Gallery, 8302 Main St, Osoyoos, BC,  to see more of Wendy and Michael’s work.

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