Meet Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa, ECE from Quality Day Care, the great place to grow kids, wants your child to outgrow her program On Our Way To K and cruise into Kindergarten!

The first thing I saw was the oversized pencils perfect for little fingers. Lisa has designed this program to offer fun, structure and challenge their little minds. The classroom is great fun! I’d want to hang out there!“At this age they are like sponges, testing everything copying what adults do.” says Miss Lisa “I get very entertained when I quietly watch them play. They pretend to be me teaching class or the Mommy or the Daddy.”

Miss Lisa researched what the Kindergarten teachers expect their students to know and understand. She builds in concepts like dice play to help define numbers and rhyming to help them read in the future. . . hat, cat, sat all words that end with A T. We know that however at some point we had to learn to rhyme.I asked Miss Lisa what scared the kids the most about kindergarten. She said they may be a bit shy have a little separation anxiety but it is the parents who are really scared.

And on that note, holding hands, away they go for a nature walk.

For more information connect with Miss Lisa at 250.699.4099

Miss Lisa, another fabulous young woman of Oliver!

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