Happy Birthday Oliveronline!

From the desk of command centre, oliveronline.ca is one year old!

Today is sunny with just a wisp of designer clouds. . .  and the sweet sounds of my neighbours getting a new roof!

Oliveronline’s first post was “Art in Oliver”IMG_0152I had no Idea what I wanted to accomplish? I just knew this was the right direction!

The Rip-off’s were my second story. . . they are at the Quail’s Nest again this week.

One Story found Rebel Luv’s Mikkie and Ken actually dancing to someone else’s music!!! at the Back Alley Concert Series at the Firehall Brewery.

Next concert is July 21st is the band, The Slamdogs. Tad, Alfie and Eddie from the local Kelowna outfit will be playing classic rock all evening long.

Also on hand will be:

Artist: Caroline Whyte
Winery: Intersection Winery
Cidery: Howling Moon Craft Cider
Distillery: The Dubh Glas Distillery
Food: Vagabond Kitchen

Enjoy the bands, check out the the Artist and the special guests with Art for your glass!

I am not going to go on and on with a recap of the stories, but you do know I could, the bottom line is how much fun I have had and the great feed back from the stories about the people of Oliver. So at the age of 63 I have added Blogger to my resumé.

oliveronline.ca shall continue.

We have made it through our first year in biz.

I thank the readers and the advertisers and all those who let me put up their photos.

What’s next . . I can hardly wait to see!

Maybe just a few of my fav photos!

Yuppers! These photos show a lot of fun in Oliver!

Will be out and about with my camera, stop me and say hi!

Also I am going to give myself a challenge . . .  to use just my cell phone for photos for one day.

Just the thought of not having my camera makes me . . .

Again, I thank the amazing community of Oliver!

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  1. arjaybe says:

    Wow! Look at all the shares.


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