Good Morning Oliver!

Totally enjoying the “Stay Cation”!

In the continuing saga of City Girl vs the Oliver Outback, Mother nature is winning! Would I expect anything different.

Dianne Gibson, the Dressmaker popped by no skin on grass. One cup of tea later, when she leaves, one snakeskin on the grass.

And I have not see her since.

I could set my watch by her. It was amazing she would slither out from under the step at the same time every morning. Must admit I am pleased she has relocated. The skin was fascinating. To me it felt like a  soft leather shamie. This is the underbelly, the whole thing was intact. It was the patterns and textures in the grass that caught Dianne’s eye when she was leaving the house. Needless to say we photographed it in many different ways and angles. And so ends, I hope, the saga of City Girl VS the Snake that moved in. . . and out!

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