Happy Monday Oliver!

I love Oliver after the rain! The bluff is looking rather majestic with those designer clouds going on. A different set of colours. Nice! The air smells sweet! Feels a bit like VancouverPuddles, something to reflect in, something to splash in and if you are a dog . . the possibilities are endless.

Oliveronline.ca has something to reflect on, the one year anniversary coming up, July 4 2018. How much fun have I had with this?? Lots! And the possibilities are endless.

Basically oliveronline is a reflection of the good stuff about Oliver, BC  through the eyes of a Artist. And I enjoy telling photo stories about the people in Oliver.

Oliver, BC is a little town in the only desert in Canada, population about 5000.

Come and enjoy our wineries, Artists, shops on Main Street and the latest hot spots  . . Sawmill Rd for markets and and Station St for good food at The Vagabond, then pamper yourself at Beyond Bliss, hit the library for and the Dress Maker.

Don’t forget the Legion and a Movie!

Do stop by the Vagabond Food Truck on Station Street for a to go picnic. Enjoy it with the family down at Rotary park on Tuc-el-nuit lake, splash around in the water enjoy the great view of the Bluff.

Yuppers it is picnic season. Family entertainment both local and for tourist. And kids remember picnics more than a nice restaurant where their best behaviour is well . . Moms you know, not really good enough and they are trying!

Let them loose at the beach, Hot dogs and chip, c00kies and ice cream.

Basic summer fun!





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