A Day in the Life of Downtown Oliver

 The Artist are out and about on Main St. painting Barrels, the warm up to the Art Walk. Barrels are kindly sponsored by local wineries. Tiffany invites this little guy, who was just out for a walk, to help her paint one of the symbols that will cover her Barrel. Looks like fun!

The Barrel Painting has grown into a community event. We have artist from 7 . . .

 . . . to our Queen of the Arts, Sally wearing 80 in a mighty fine style!

Feature artist in the Gallery, Ava, helped Tiffany with some of the details. The barrel design is taking shape . . . nice. Come on down and bid on these great barrels!

 I like spray art and hope to learn a few techniques. I am looking forward to the method as well as the final results of this sprayed barrel.

Down on Station St.

Love watching the hotel go up! The first fancy post of the entrance in place in the morning.

At the end of the day the four post and cross supports in place.




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