A Chat with Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen is our Liberal MLA. Most of us know this. However what don’t we know?

Politicians have always fascinated me, they are doing a job I won’t do! I don’t always agree with them but I do thank them for stepping up to the plate.

We walked down the long hall to her office and I warned her this was going to be a poke in the eye, knock down interview. Was she ready? Linda laughed and I pulled out the questions!

How did you meet Larry, that handsome guy she is married to.

He was a Mountie in Powell River and I worked in a shop and he came in.

What do you want the people to understand about you?

I always try to help and it frustrates me when I can’t.

What was your first job?

Stewardess for PWA.

What is your weakness?

Animals, I’m a contributor to the SPCA. Awful photos of animals make me heartsick.

This leads us to what is your spirit Animal?

My spirt animal would be a cat. I have three –  Misty, Princess and Rusty.

I hear when you were younger you sang in a band. What kind of music did you sing?

We sang folk songs, like Peter Paul and Mary. We were called the Mill Town Singers. I sang in choirs too.

I also heard you were a top Avon Lady. What is happening to the business?

It is a thing of the past. So much access now, the door to door market is gone. Even in fundraising for causes like cancer.

What is an early memory?

My best friend Rita and I would make dioramas and put on plays. We would make the fairies and animals and act it out in front of the class.

What don’t you like?

I don’t like to have to make dinner!

How do you make peace profitable?

Food! Food is the defining thing across all countries. Produce enough food to feed your population. No food, causes problems.

The last question is, if you were to write a song about Oliver what would it be?

Warm and Caring


The good & the bad!

The most beautiful place!

Thank you Linda, a very enjoyable Chat!


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