Friday Night at the Frank Venables Theatre!And laugh Oliver did!

But first Tiffany and Terry are greeted by our Chester, the Doorman! You can see the smiles begin!Date night! Pat and his date, the lovely Linda, were in for a good laugh!

MP and local naturalist Dick Canning with his gorgeous wife Margaret had a wee laugh with Russel before the show.

Tony from Munday Media, Dianne the Dressmaker, Tom, theatre man of many talents, Aunt Gloria, Louise, Diane, Andrea and Journalist Vanessa!

Olivers main mischief makers were out on the town, trying to behave themselves! This group is also the same faces that show up over and over again to volunteer to keep our town AWESOME!


Roberta, Chester’s latest mystery woman, Chester with Roman, Denise and Chris –  The Ultimate Comedy Show troop. Photobomber our own dancer, Andrea!

Thank you for bring The Ultimate Comedy Show to Oliver. We laughed, we were poked fun at and everyone left with sore smile muscles. Too much fun.

What is next at the Frank Venables Theatre? Check out the website


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