Happy Sunday Oliver!

Cruising around the Vintage Car Swap Meet this little number caught my eye. Yuppers that is a 1964 altered wheel base Dodge Stationwagon, 413 big block . . sort of like the station wagons the boomers got chauffeured around in.Stepping back to examine the complete vehicle I realized a lot more was going on. So I invited myself into the “sky lounge” that little window on top, where I met the Artists of this fabulous machine.

Now this little puppy starts out as a 69 Dodge L600 van. Then the creativity starts, just add imagination, sweat, time and knowhow and poof you have this delightful Custom Race Car Hauler and Showroom on wheels. I loved it! It took Gabe and Chris 3 years to build.

Back to the “Chupacabra”. It took 1 year to build from 4 different cars. The original is a 4 door (stationwagons were not practical with two doors) converted to a 2 door, doors and quarter window are from a 63 Dodge, the roof from a 64 Plymouth and the axle and bucket seats are from a 69 dodge! How much fun is this? To see the build go to http://alteredwagon.blogspot.caGabe, left helped build the rig and main cheerleader, Chris and Pat built the “Chupacabra”. A little known story came out of this, when Chris was little his dad built an RV. Now that Chris has a little one he has done the same thing. “When a Carlson has a son the genes kick in!” When the latest Carlson is old enough I wonder what he will build.Thank you Gentlemen for your time. It was fun and very interesting! for more info go to



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