The Weekend

After a week of boxes, stuff and more stuff, I now have some control over what I refer to as Mount MacDuck.

Sundays are for lazy afternoons, a nap and some time just enjoying outside!

Tomorrow I have a mountain of boxes to look forward to . . .

But first some pampering from Beyond Bliss.

That is a good way to start the week.

The Grizzly Crew, the powers that be over your trip across the bridge will be back at their jobs.This digger totally entertains me, it can dig holes you can drive a dump truck into and then fill them back up nice and level, all in the same day.

I have dug three post holes in my life! That is enough times for me! I’ll leave dirt digging to the pros. And these guys are pros.

At the end of her shift Veronique, TopMan, styling that hard hat, took some time to tell me about what she does.

Not the guy incharge, like it sounds to me, she is responsible for the readiness of the top area where the dirt will be dug and the pipes will be laid. The biggest challenge of this project . . . Mother Nature!

Jaime, Surveyor, Now when I was a kid . . . yuppers I said that, there was always two guys looking through something at the top of a tripod, taking measurement of each other, not now, the black part in his hands is the GPS and the white spaceship thing at the top is connected to a satalite somewhere up there.

Again I say, my the wonders of modern technology!

And that is what Jaime and Veronique are going to do this week!

I’ll be in and out of the gallery. And finding stories.

Pop by and see if Lorraine Horn is painting, 6250 Main St. Oliver BC.


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  1. It was so nice of you to feature the while working! Nice painting btw!


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