Global Butterfly

Mavis GrantOliver’s own global butterfly Mavis Grant has been to 50 countries and lived and worked as a nurse in 5. She decided to stay in Oliver in 1984 to work at the SOGH. And we are happy she did!

Mavis, left at graduation 1960

What advice do you have for young nurses?

Remember the patient is a human being. Sometimes forgotten in this technical world!

Things ain’t what they use to be!

What’s better?

Some of the technology but sometimes it gets away. Nursing is still a hands on job!

What’s worse?

Giving up on the personal touch, I witnessed it 5 months ago when I had knee surgery!

What is the biggest difference between you as a teen and teens now.

There was no “pill”. Now with all illicit drugs things are very different. Now we have the baby, then buy the home and then get married!

How do you make peace profitable?

Be friends with people around the world, get to know people in their homes over the breakfast table.

Of the 50 countries you have visited what are your fav countries?

Myanmar, I was there in 2013 and Taiwan, in Taipan I stayed with a friendly family.

Would you ever run for office?

NO! A very fast NO!

What is your fav time in history?

I was in India when the Indo-Pakistan war broke out in December 1971. Was a scary time wondering how to get out of country.

As a child in England during the war, were you evacuated and what memories of the war do you have?

I was not evacuated as I lived in the country.  I remember having my first ice cream and banana when I was 7 or 8.  It still bugs me to waste food.

Do politics affect you?

They do in health issues, housing, the environment and education. The politicians are trying.

Who are your heroes?

Winston Churchill, he was a premature baby. I really enjoyed going into his war room’s in London’s museum.

And just where is our Global butterfly off to next?


Mavis is a member of the Friendship Force International. I first met Mavis when she was coordinating the Children’s International Art Show for the Russian Olympics. A few years later she was working on the Nobel Peace Prize Children’s Art Show.

Mavis with Miss Marina who’s painting was chosen for the Russian Olympics Children’s Art Show

Mavis join the Friendship Force in Feb of 07. She saw and ad for a trip to Brazil and Peru. It sounded interesting and she wanted to get involved.

If you are a young retired person that likes to travel and spread friendship check out the website.

Last Question

If you were going to write a song about Oliver, how would it go?

Friendly town

Beautiful area,

Drink wine!

In your ball gown!

However I don’t have a ball gown!




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