Flamenco, tonight at the Frank Venables Theatre

Flamenco Rosario coming to the stage at the Venables Theatre April 9, 2018. Image Credit: David Cooper / Pictured are Rosario Ancer and Victor Kolstee

Flamenco Rosario Ancer and husband Victor Kolstee, Guitarist, took some time to explain the history and some of the technical aspects of Flamenco, the very expressive Spanish dance style, to a full audience in the lobby of the Frank Venables Theatre! Dancer Andrea got a few pointers!

“I just jump into the hurricane” Flamenco Rosario says “I am at home on the stage when I am talking with my feet!”. Love that statement!

The Audience asked about Hand-Clapping, and we got a great demonstration of how to hold and curve our hands for different sounds.

Victor told us a bit about the history of Flamenco and how it is changing. Also like all arts the young dancers are making it their own.

Flamenco Rosario’s passion for the dance and a desire to share her skills with the young people has lead to her school the Centro Flamenco in Vancouver.

Her dance “La Monarca” dedicated to immigration through the flight of the Monarch Butterfly, is performed by an 8 member company of dancers and musicians.

Still a few tickets at the door. This is going to be amazing!

Flamenco Rosario smiles as she tells you she has to promote “Flamenco” pass on her knowledge and through her school, this Flamenco Monarca Butterfly has made many more Butterflies.

“La Monarca” tonight at 7:30 at the Frank Venables Theatre 6100 Gala St.

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