Introducing Arden Martha Isted!

Meet the wee Arden Martha Isted.
Proud Daddy and Mommy are Cody and Shauna Isted.
Arden was born February 21st at 7:43pm. Weighing in at 8 pounds 4 ounces.
She was born just four hours shy of her great grandmothers 100th birthday, but great grandmother Martha still considers her the perfect birthday gift. Look how pretty Little Arden is!!
The next photos taken by Nikki Harrison are magic with a camera. I just love her work. She is out of West Kelowna and as a photographer may I suggest you check out this talented Artist. I feel this is the most amazing maternity photo I have seen!
How cute is the wee Arden!!
Absolutely Brilliant!
Photo by Mommy, looking so styling in poka dots on a black and white back ground!
Congratulations Shauna and Cody! You have a beautiful child.
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