The PlainsRunner Chapter 3

“At the end of chapter two Sage was coming to terms with her banishment, realizing that it had something to do with the artifact.  In chapter three she tries to figure out what is so dangerous about the artifact, while preparing for her first night outside.


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Chapter Three:

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4 Responses to The PlainsRunner Chapter 3

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  2. arjaybe says:


    The interest is still high, and possibly growing. I’ll know more after this chapter has had enough time to settle down. The feedback is encouraging. As for personal feedback, so far only one person has commented. (Thanks, Laird.) I think we’re doing well, considering that three chapters is barely enough time to get noticed.


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  3. emmylgant says:

    I’m all caught up and waiting for the next installment (and had to look up ‘riparian’, thank you).
    At the very least I am intrigued, wondering where you are taking me. What other strange creatures am I going to meet? And where am I?
    I like Sage already, a mix of defiance and plain curiosity, not really a rebel, observant, thrown in a life threatening situation she did not choose, yet caused poor thing. A hero’s journey is beginning.
    Good job Jim!


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