I’m Back!

Well that was not fun!

The home office of oliveronline.ca was offline for a few days! No email! No internet just a phone. I’m going to figure out if I can run oliveronline on my iPhone. . . a project!

Must admit this 100 day cough is really boring! I am somewhere between day 60 and 90!

Wondering around town I found one of my favourite subjects. Men and work . . and I do like seeing the ladies styling a hard hat. All this equals JOBS and that is a very good thing.

My the wonders of modern technology!

Stuff . . . Something To Use For Future . . .  Maybe

At this very moment I know how much stuff I have. Not counting command centre, my stuff takes up 20x10x10 feet of storage space. That’s a lot of stuff!

And that is the segway to today question.


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