Changes in the Air

Dear Oliver,


Thank you so much again for the support.’s main goal is to bring you the good news. I know they say if it bleeds it leads, however I am going out on a limb to bring you just the good stuff.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-04-at-3.56Featuring the book, The PlainsRunner by Jim Bowering will be a Thursday event. Getting lots of good feedback on the story and people are waiting for the next instalment. Jim and I want to start an online bookclub. Have to figure that one out.

Mondays will be the day Leza Asks You is published. This is a revamp of my hardcopy column where I ask young and old their opinions on life in general. The little ones always crack me up.

Sundance's Eye

Practice 5×5 board of a Horse eye by Janice Goodman, done in one of Terry Isaac’s classes

You are also invited to send me photos of your art work, we are building up a photo, fine art and sculpture online galleries. Feel free to add links to your websites. We are here to support the Arts.

Bare with me as I work through the growing pains.

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