The Young Ones in Black and White

Meet Noah.

Noah, we have great chats!

Noah and I were going to have a chat to start my look at the young people, Young Ones in Black and White. Lots to learn here!

I wanted to “research”, sorry, yes I did say that . . . my questions. I wanted to be cool. I’m over 60 he is 15!

The last time Noah stopped by I asked about his interests, one was gaming, I have never played a game, and he told me some of his fav songs so I could check out the lyrics.

Well . . . I could not find the stone tablet “gaming for the elders” and some of the lyrics . . . I don’t even use those words, I decided not to be cool and aproach this chat from where I know. Old!

I must admit I am very happy to have ask about things I know.

If you are not gaming how do you entering yourself?

I watch You Tube, talk to friends, face to face and on devices and play my guitar, a lot more lately.

Compare Louie Louie to Heavy Metal? ( I ask this because I know his band is learning this 60’s song)

Very Different, Heavy Metal is better at forcing a loud message on you.

Do you have any hero’s?

No hero’s but my parents are my guides.

What is the dumbest thing in school?

Wading through  the halls at change of classes, specially in the mornings. No one is really awake.

What is your fav time in history?

When Canada was formed, 1860 something . .  lots happened and lots changed.

Do politics affect you?

Not directly.

What is politics

The act of debate in how to run a country constantly changing.

As I said I am happy I took this route because I found a very informed young man, if the tables where turned I don’t know how I would have answered a wac of his question.

Thank you Noah. That was fun!





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