Happy Happy Sunday to our little town of Oliver!

When I was little I would go down to Stanley Park and talk to the swans. They were very big and would hiss at me if I got to close, but I do feel we bonded and I could identify a few of them. Friday afternoon was a day to take a drive and have a talk with myself. I needed really good answers!

On Skaha lake, close to the road I found two Beautiful Swans. They seemed bigger than the ones on Vaseaux, maybe it was because the were so close to shore .

We needed to chat. I parked the car, grab the camera and asked them most nicely if they would give me the heart to heart pose that swans do so beautifully. Instead they teased me as the swam back and forth and came closer and closer. The male came right up the ramped looked me in the eye and puffed his belly up and flipped his wing in to this magnificat shape. He gave me this great image, much better than the one I had asked for.

He swam around the rock I was on, we watched each other for a while then off he went to find his beautiful date. It was the perfect conversation . . . and then the weather came . . .

The moral of the story is you may want something you know, but if you wait, something better, that you don’t know will come along!

Happy Sunday!

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