Ballet Kelowna Warm up.

Last Tuesday Afternoon Ballet Kelowna invited some of the local artists and photogs as well as Mrs McVicar’s art class to draw and photo their warm – up.

Artists of Ballet Kelowna

They start with  simple stretches at the bar.

Desiree Bortolussi

Love the Boots! Letting her beautiful feet warm up slowly. Some of the positions you don’t want to just pop!

Kurt Werner and Desiree Bortolussi

Boots gone, stunning pose!

from left to right: William Hall, Charlotte Reid, Yuka Otsuki

Love the lines of each dancer here!

Desiree Bortolussi

Desiree is warming up with a stronger stretch.

Desiree Bortolussi

And like the butterfly from the cocoon, Desiree emerges ready to dance.

Seiji Suzuki

And Dance they did! Ballet Kelowna was fabulous!

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