Ballet Kelowna is in the hood!

Tuesday night Oliver came out in style for Ballet Kelowna. Performing Elles, Extraordinary Dance Created By women.

The Artists gave us modern, edgy, exciting ballet and they were technically perfect!

Four strong pieces danced our emotions from cheeky to the Mombo, not your classic ballet! Great excitement on the Frank Venables stage.

Earlier in the day a few artists, photogs and art students from Mrs. McVicar’s art class were lucky enough to attend the dancers warm up.

We drew as fast as we could to get the body lines. Took as many photos as possible! We all got lots of images for future major drawings or paintings.

I will show more photos from the warmup in a later story, waiting for permission before I post photos of the dancers. Old school.

Back to the Oliverites, left to right, Miss Vivian, with Jennifer, Rosemary, Chereen, and hiding is Craig, Peggy, James and Miss Emme!

Having lots of fun at the Ballet is Marion, Marianne, Sue and Kurt.

Linda and Robert drove down from Pentiction for an exciting evening of Ballet Kelowna at the Frank Venables Theatre.

 Nice to see Gordon and Allen enjoying the night!

And the Ladies, Diane the Artist, Hélène, the Massage Therapist with the magic hands, and The Dressmaker, Dianne Gibson added a whole bunch of smiles and sparkles to a perfect evening . . . only in Oliver!

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