Sunny Oliver . . yesterday!

Happy Happy Sunday!Okay so we woke up to a cloudy Sunday! Born in Vancouver, a cloudy day in Oliver feels like being wrapped in a warm sweater.

It was beautiful and sunny yesterday and here are the photos to remember it by. Such a beautiful, clean little town!

A few views of our famous bluff. Oliver is a little town preparing for take off! And will be part of it!The Bluff ‘s name is in transition to  nʕaylintn (Ny-lin-tn) from McIntyre Bluff. (could not find info if the paperwork for the name change has been completed)

Showing off a handsome profile it is 265 metres of white granite, yup I have climbed it . . once!

The First Nations have great legends of fierce battles fought on top of the bluff and the losers . . . well they sort of fell off and died. It’s haunted too!

The English named the landmark after Peter McIntyre, a guard on the famous Pony Express in the Wild West and rumoured to have live at the foot of the cliffs.

It is the land here that called to me when I felt it was time to leave the city. It is so beautiful!

Enjoy the sunshine! ‘Cause at the moment it is . . .

“Welcome to the desert, come on in out of the rain”

And walking in the rain is an awesome thing to enjoy in Oliver!


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