Finding Beauty, Life in a Small Town

I must dedicate the Opening of  Finding Beauty, Life in a Small Town and these photos to Mr. Jim Waldie, my highschool art teacher, who failed me at everything in grade 12 and Mrs. McVicar the Oliver High School art teacher, who has great ideas for her kids!

Way back in the 90’s I was having a cover unveiling, I invited Mr. Waldie to the show to thank him for failing me.

It was a major lesson in my career and I am glad it happened in grade 12. I realized if I was going to be a successful Artist, I better step up to the plate.

At the Show I thanked him publicly and we told the story of skipping out over a 100 days.

Whatever . . .

I did do the work I said I would, just not at school and on my own schedule. I was horrified that he failed me! Me! Ar – teest!

We have been great friends ever since we reconnected at that show. I still like to thank him!

The South Okanagan Secondary School Senior Photography semester End Show was a grand success!

A full house enjoyed the work of Mrs. McVicar’s Photography students.

There were proud Mom’s!

Happy Grandparents!

And very impressed Dad’s!

 Talented Girlfriends!

Brothers and someone who is growing new teeth!

Students with talent!

Students with great futures!

And just some good friends!

The town of Oliver came out for an evening of photography and great fun was had by all!

The Show will be up till the middle of February!



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