Around Town!

Deb Martin, Manager of the Frank Venables Theatre with her helper, Miss Bella undecorated the beautiful trees that graced the foyer over the holiday season.

The big question is  . . who won? Enquiring minds want to know.

Back at the Gallery Nick Robertson’s “Raven” was collected. Thank you! We have a few more of his pieces in the Gallery. And we have a few Diane Gane’s on the walls as well.

Tony Munday, Munday Media and Design you want us to do what! Jennifer, Cathy and Manda want to know!

Tony gathered a group of interested citizen together to discuss the Branding of Oliver. The question is how do you get a group of people to come together, share their ideas and opinions.

At the same time get people out of their regular thought patterns and collectively think outside the box.

The diverse group had great input, with different ideas and opinions, when asked to come together and define Oliver as a Person, divided into two groups this is what we came up with ! We all had a great chuckle.

                                However the bottom line was a lot was learned about our community!

It was a good think tank!

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