Oliver you are Beautiful!!

How wonderful to wakeup to a town that looks like this. Sparkly, clear blue skies with designer snow sprinkled here and there. We are very lucky!

And a big congratulations to Oliveronline.ca, your baby steps are working. We have rolled over and bounced back nicely. And the town is noticing! Thank you!!

Our own Chester the Doorman stopped by to get his photo taken with Gallery Girlfriend. Chester is always styling but was specially dapper in his Christmas colours.

Nicole was in the house. Darn I missed one of the stars from the Painted Chair!!! Merry Christmas Miss Nicole! Photo by Trish

Just another day in beautiful downtown Oliver!

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2 Responses to Oliver you are Beautiful!!

  1. Maureen Doerr says:

    Great Job on the blog Leza, so positive and refreshing. Love it…just what Oliver needs to combat the negativity on other sites….


  2. Patty Gebbie says:

    So nice to get news. From home! Keep up the good work Leza, you are one of a kind and Oliver is lucky to have you!


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