1000 Petal Indian Head Massage

Opal will be at Beyond Bliss for the Winter of Wellness and Good Cheer open house on Main St. Thursday Dec 14, 2 – 6pm.

Opal, a busy Mom, needed balance in her life. Three jobs to support her son was not cutting it! She has always been interested in yoga, that lead to knowledge of the Chakra and then exploration of natural remedies.

Opal feels With the Head Massage she activates the bodies own natural healing properties and that gives her great joy.

Meet Opal Thursday and make an appointment for yourself and get a gift certificate for a special friend!

Come on in to Beyond Bliss and have a 1000 petal Indian Head Massage from Opal!

The following is about Indian Head Massage.

Indian head massage is an ancient, Ayurvedic practice. It is designed to free blockages in the bodies natural prana (healing life energy), reduces stress in the upper body, and encourages healthy hair growth.

After long periods of discomfort, the body may seize in an unnatural way. This leads to improper circulation, energy blockages and tense muscles.

Indian Head Massage incorporates the shoulders, neck, arms, scalp, face, ears, along with 66 out of 108 marma points, in the body. The deep tissue shoulder and neck massage relaxes the upper body into its natural position. This aids in a complete feeling of rejuvenation.

Then, all throughout the massage, I activate marma points and balance the heart chakra. This allows for deep emotional healing and encourages the bodies natural healing prana to flow.

And finally, the oiling of the hair. I will saturate the 3 marma points along the scalp, in a mixture of natural almond oil and essential oils. This part nurtures the hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

One may notice depression, anxiety, insomnia and tension float away, during this sacred practice. This massage is for anyone who spends much time at computers, engages in physical labor work, suffers from any emotional trauma, or who just wants to pamper their self after a long day.

Much love;

Opal N. Earle

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