Art for sale . . .

While it lasts!

photo by Gray Bayda

The SOSS Photography class display of Winter White was elegant and playful. We have many great photogs coming up!

A single tree in the mist, a golden lite bridge and some very playful christmas ornaments, entertain your viewing time as you look closely through the eyes of these young photographers.

Meanwhile 11 year old Emma, at the back in pink is having a great time at her first group show. Oliver likes to nurture its young talent.

In the foreground on the left artist extrodonaire, Diane Gane, travelled down to join in the celebrations, nice to see you Little Diane.

And the teacher who made this possible Mrs. McVicar! Great job it looks wonderful, the kids are having fun and they are learning.

photo by Marion Trimble

Miss Emma takes classes with Marion Trimble, a Wild Woman and an incredible talent. What is next for Miss Emma. She is off to a great start!

photo by Gray Bayda

Oliver’s media was there, Ali from ODN, Vanessa from the Chronicle, Gallery Girl friend, Dale from South Okanagan News and me Leza, from Oliveronline.

photo by Gray Bayda

And at Beyond Bliss’s Ladies Night at the age of a bit over 60 these artist hands are having their first manicure. Yup somewhere froze over. It was a very fun experience with Cassandra and I now have nails that are all sparkley.

photo by Marion Trimble

And to top my evening off of pampering I had a 1000 lotus head massage from Opal.

Just another night in Oliver.

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1 Response to Art for sale . . .

  1. Larry & Claire Schwartzenberger says:

    A great evening and wonderful displays of art by these talented young people! The paintings and photography are fabulous! I understand that the exhibit will be on display until December 23rd. If you haven’t seen it already, please make a point of dropping by. Thank you to Leza and Beyond Bliss for providing this venue to showcase Oliver’s talented young artists.


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