Just another Saturday in Oliver!

   Oliver’s Saturday started with Breakfast with Santa.

With one of our fav photogs on hand to document the occasion. Yuppers Dot still uses her film camera!

And I have been very, very, very  good . . . most of the time. . . .

It was last day of Arty Smarty. This beautiful birdcage was created after the structured class project. I love to see what their little minds can make from the “stuff” table.

In the afternoon, at Pur Zen,  just down the street from the gallery, I heard rumours of a Burlesque class . . . Great music, feathers everywhere, gloves coming off with their teeth so much fun! For info on this workshop and other classes connect with Teresa.

And that was Saturday, shut the Gallery down for the night and I just love the way Diane Gane’s “The EmBODYment of Peter Max” looks in the Christmas Window.

Linda Anderson’s work still graces the Feature Artist wall. That girl can paint. Three paintings have been collected.

And now on to Saturday night at the Frank Venables Theatre for an evening of Christmas Trees, this one is ours. The Dressmaker was the brains and talent, I was the braun and helper and Beyond Bliss is our support system!

Oh and a wee splash of local Rosés and Bubblys were enjoyed.

There were prizes, more on that later . . .

The Dressmaker Dianne, the fabulous Deb Martin our theatre manager, with our own delightful Doorman, Chester, he will be at Ladies night, more on that later, and me. Please note Dianne and my hats, made by the Dressmaker. . . .

. . . well because of our styling hats . . . we won the door prizes.

Yuppers I took home the Bubbly!

Stoneboat makes a few great bubblys. How lucky was I?

There were two chocolates in the glasses, however they did not make it to Sunday morning for their closeup!

Just another awesome day in our awesome community!


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1 Response to Just another Saturday in Oliver!

  1. Susan Guerin says:

    thanks for all the inside scoops on what’s happening in Oliver!


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