Susan Kosola for Council

What are you thinking! Running for council, opening yourself up to public scrutiny?

I did not pick politics, politics chose me.

When on council, how do you represent people with an opposite opinion to yours, specially if theirs is the majority?

My specialty is listening. I just have to hear them out and in this day and age you can’t please half of them Things are more polarized.

Name a historical leader you admire.

Prime Minister Trudeau Sr. I was in grade 7 the teacher took us to the 1968 federal debate. I was to draw the candidates, PM Trudeau brought a lot of progressive ideas to Canada! Stansfield signed my drawing but Trudeau was hard to draw.

Define leadership.

Leadership is taking facts, weighing option and choosing wisely. A good leader has the confidence to pick people brighter than themselves.

What do you want to say to those who just see a 60 plus woman?

They are just seeing me. People assume I am younger than I am because I am young at heart and I am not sedate. Life is about now.

Why should we trust you?

I am honest to a fault. You may say something but your face will betray you.

Would you rather live in a bad democracy or a good dictatorship?

A bad democracy, because you can fix it. Bad democracy can bring positive change once the majority gets it.

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