Don Lawlor for Council

What are you thinking! Running for council, opening yourself up to public scrutiny?

I have no calms opening up my scrutiny. People need to do that. Need background support to support the decision  to run for council.

When on council, how do you represent people with an opposite opinion to yours, specially if theirs is the majority?

I would address every point that they have. I will listen to the people they deserve it.

Name a past leader you admire.

So many of them. I admired Prime Mister Pierre Trudeau. He had class, got things done, was a world statesman. He was respected around the world.

Define leadership.

Leadership is the ability to gather information from people. The pros and cons. To select the best solution and implement it with everybody even the ones that disagree.

What do you want to say to those who see only big blue eyes?

I’ll take their vote if all they see is the big blue eyes and don’t look at what I can do!

Why should we trust you?

They can trust me because the things I have promised I have delivered!

How do you make peace profitable?

Canada is a good indicator. People always have difference. There should be discussion at the table instead of at the end of a rifle.

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