TheGiftofGiving2017SouthOK is a sponsorship opportunity to allow women who are in need to receive a beautiful gift this Christmas Season.

We have partnered with:
Desert Sun Counselling Centre

We have added some essential items this year which we are very excited about!

Each Gift includes:
A Shea butter hand cream, body lotion,  warm cozy socks, toothbrush and toothpaste,  hair ties, in a gift bag with a handwritten card.

The price to cover the cost of each gift is $30 but you can donate any amount and sponsor as many gifts as you choose!

Our goal is to sponsor 100 gifts to bless 100 women who might not otherwise receive anything this year.

We believe that these Women deserve a wonderful, thoughtful gift this Christmas. We are so excited to be offering them a beautiful gift that they will feel special and loved when they receive it!

Please let us know, connect with us through Michelle Bell-Scanlon if you have any interest in helping us promote this initiative!

(This is a Third Annual event, check out our last year’s promotions through #TheGiftofGiving2016)

Donations can be made through this platform

We will also be hosting a “THANK YOU” Event and Wrapping/Card Making party in December for everyone who has taken part!


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  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you Leza fir your help in spreading the word! I can be reached at or donations can be made directly to the GoFundMe page. Our goal this year is 109 gifts.


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