Dave Mattes for Council

What are you thinking! Running for council, opening yourself up to public scrutiny, you have already done this?

I’m thinking I have something positive to add to the Oliver Council. I was born and raised here and want Oliver to remain the great place to live while we grow. That requires maintaining our infastructure while acting on opportunity while remaining affordable.

When on council, how do you represent people with an opposite opinion to yours, specially if theirs is the majority?

It is not a matter of representing a view for or against it is about listening to all points of view. Drawing out all points of view and then making decisions in the best view of the town.

Name a historical leader you admire.

King Solomon. He was fair

Define leadership.

Leadership  is the ability to understand a goal, articulate the goal and motivate yourself and other to collectively achieve this goal. Think Martin Luther king.

What do you want to say to those who see only the rock star hair? Which I notice you have cut!

Beneath this hair is an ability to work with others, to define problems, set goals and work with others to achieve them.

Why should we trust you?

During my previous time on council, I demonstrated I was trustworthy and could be counted on to look at issues from all angles. Those that know me know my word is my bond.

What is the cost of freedom?
It is different for everyone. For some it is their lives, others it is money for myself it is time.

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1 Response to Dave Mattes for Council

  1. Teresa Marty says:

    You rock Dave. If I lived in Oliver I would vote for you in a heartbeat.


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