Fiona Wood for Oliver Council

What are you thinking! Running for council, opening yourself up to public scrutiny?

I have been on the School Board so I have some knowledge of what is involved and I have the time to make the commitment to what is involved.

When on council, how do you represent people with an opposite opinion to yours, specially if theirs is the majority?

I am a good listener. I would review the issue and make an informed decision based on that.

Name a historical leader you admire.

Queen Elizabeth II, she has character and class.

Define leadership.

You have to be a good listener, guide and direct the community.

What do you want to say to those who only see a lady with grey hair.

I am in fashion! I dyed my hair for years but I have decided to go all natural. To hell with the chemicals!

Why should we trust you?

I have always been honest, dependable, don’t jump into things without checking the commitment required.

Would you rather live in a bad democracy or a good dictatorship!

That is a hard one, there are pros and cons for each side. 
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