Barb Levant, Spinner, Weaver and RipOff Artist

“Another brick in the wall”

Barbs creation for this years RipOff theme was a brick, from a book binding course, covered with her rendition of the 10 dollar Canadian Bill. You can see Sir John A and two tee pee’s. On the sides a flag, salmon and a raven for good luck. all woven with perfection.

It is weaving and spinning that brings delight to Barb’s heart. Barb and 60 plus other like minded Spinners and Weavers met at Oliver Parks and Rec Thursday mornings. They have two floor looms, hidden in the store rooms. They share their knowledge with each other and bring in top instructors. The goal is to pass down the crafts of spinning and weaving to the young people.

Young people get board of the computer stuff and need to do something with the other side of the brain, making things with their hands. Physically building something, says Barb.

Barb started sewing then needed more. Her sister suggested weaving to make her own fabric. She took a weaving course, said to herself, “I can do this and the rest is history! Love her work!!

Check out the Desert Sage Spinner and Weavers, and if you ask nice they might put a group together to teach you how to knit!



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