Lutz Stelzner candidate for Oliver Council


What are you thinking? Running for council!
Same thing as everyone else that is running. I can do this!
How do you represent people with an opposite opinion when in council.
I would represent everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their opinion.
Name a ruler you admire.
King David, I aspire to his character. He was hard working, very intelligent, integrity in itself!

Define leadership.
Leadership is being able to accept responsibility for your actions. Comes down to integrity, when you say you are going to do something – do it! 

What do you want to say to the people who just see grey hair
I would like to say to people who only see grey hair, that grey hair comes with many years of experience and wisdom that we should try to effectively use when finding solutions.
Why should we trust you?
During my time in the military, I received a general’s accommodation for my dedication to duty, I also received a Canadian decoration for 12 years of dedicated service  and I was the top student of 72 students on my Junior leaders course. The honesty, integrity and dedication  to duty that I learned while in the military I carry forward into to my civilian careers. These values are part of the reason why you should consider putting your trust in me.
And one more Lutz.
Would you rather live in a good dictatorship or a bad democracy?
I would not live in a good dictatorship, sometimes we live in a bad democracy but we can vote them out in four years.


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1 Response to Lutz Stelzner candidate for Oliver Council

  1. Mark Cunningham says:

    As someone who helped out Lutz on his journey to the Invictus Games, I have seen first hand Lutz’s hard work and gritty determination to overcome his challenges. And rest assured, he will bring this same level of dedication to the table in representing the citizens of Oliver. Elect him!


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