Rainbow on Main Street!

Welcome to Oliver Downtown!Main Street Oliver, where the rainbow is.

Now just what should we do with it? Dress it up? Dress it down? Do we need a butcher shop a cheese shop a penny arcade? Some new folks are excited we have a video store. Not many of them left.

The dilemma in a nut shell is how do we attrack business to Main St that Oliverites will support?

What is on your wish list?

The town wants input. And yes they need volunteers! This is your chance instead of sitting around complaining after the fact get in there and help make the decisions.

Speaking of Volunteers . . . During one of my “learning while wondering around” downtown Oliver, I came across an amazing group of people. “For the Least of Us”.

Debbie McGuire, Susan Dyck and Bob Dyck hang out in the back alley of 6250 Main Street. On top of Beyond Bliss.

A few days a week volunteers fill the shelves full with tons, literally tons! Actually four, 40 ft. containers, this year full of clothes, household goods and kids toys! They clean them up fold them up and send them to Transnistria, Moldova. The items stock 20 stores, employ lots of women, provide inexpensive clothes and household goods for all. After the women, shipping and the bills are paid the money left over goes to the Orphanages. One more good thing in Oliver to do with the abundance of stuff we have.

Bring items on Tuesdays or Thursdays and they will be gratefully received and turned into treasures for someone on the other side of our world. They do have a request, clean, zippers working, no buttons missing, no cat hair and no mens suits.

Thanks guys!



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