Please Vote for the Oliver Small Wheels Playground!

Voting is now open for the Aviva Community Fund competition, Recreation Manager Carol Sheridan is asking everyone with an email address to follow these 4 easy steps to help earn $100K for the Oliver Small Wheels Playground project:

  1. Go to avivacommunityfund.organd register or use this link…/project/view/17-538to view our project idea.
  2. Cast your 18 votes for the Oliver Small Wheels Playground idea – you can cast them all at once!
    3. Visit and “like” our facebook page to follow the progress of the competition and the project
  3. Share the project link and Facebook page with as many people as possible before October 19th!


Last year our small but mighty community made magic by coming together and getting out the vote…even though we didn’t win the grand prize, it proved to be the catalyst for that Community Park Playground project raising the necessary funds to be built in early 2018.  With your help, we can do it again and literally change the landscape of the future for the youth in Oliver and Area C.

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