Cheers, Wiggles and Giggles!

Malawa, will be giving Bellydancing classes at Pur Zen on Main Street in Oliver!

Malawa owns the largest Middle Eastern Dance Studio in Norther BC. Her classes at Pur Zen are from 5:20 – 6:20 Wednesday nights. Classes are for all levels, men and women welcome. And if you have a Hip Scarf, that is a scarf with coins that jingle, feel free to bring it.Bellydancing builds confidence, good core muscle memory by using muscles you did not know you have!

Bellydancing is one of the oldest art forms, historically performed by women for women – for physical well being, child birth and a support system.

Traditionally Bellydancing is past down from mother to daughter, Malawa, also know as Sandra was taught bellydancing by her Aunty Marlyn and has past the tradition down to her daughter who teaches in the northern studio.

Malawa focuses on traditional, folkloric and cabernet bellydancing.

They are going to have lots of fun she smiles!

Cheers, Wiggles and Giggles

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